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Simple design is good design.

Design for the other 90%.


Established in early 2012, the London based multi disciplined design studio was set up specializing in Furniture, Lighting, and Humanitarian Design and has been working with various established clients in the home and contract furniture market ever since, whilst also developing their own unique studio range.

As a studio, we also offer design consultancy that can provide the inspiration for one off bespoke commissions to the creative ingenuity of mass- produced commercial solutions. Areas of expertise include idea generation, product development and production services as well as CAD.


Born in the UK in 1987, creative director Douglas James studied Design at Leeds Met and more recently masters in Furniture Design and Technology at New Bucks University graduating in 2012.Douglas James has always reveled in the creative process. Building from the foundations of functionality, simplicity and colour he has created a distinctive style that innovates to find new ways to approach every aspect of design. With his design career so far having gone from strength to strength, his drive, passion and enthusiasm has taken him to Italy, Finland China and even Africa, delivering premium branding, designs and ideas along every step of the way.